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Online Course: SQL Server: Developer and DBA Collaboration from LinkedIn Learning

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Certification plays a crucial role to move forward any resume. This course is highly recommended for those who would like to upgrade their careers. The support team’s efficiency helped me to a good extent. At the end of this SQL DBA training program, there will be a SQL Database Certification quiz that perfectly reflects the type of questions asked in the certification exam and helps you score better. The entire course content is in line with these certification exams and helps you clear the SQL DBA Course certification exam with ease to get the best jobs in top MNCs. Implementing Corelated Subqueries, Using EXISTS with a Correlated subquery, Using Union Query, Using Grouping Set Query, Using Rollup, Using CUBE to generate four grouping sets, Perform a partial CUBE.

All the above concepts will be covered in Our SQL Server DBA Course. You will become a master in all the concepts of SQL Server DBA because our trainers will make you learn very effectively. Our main goal is to make students satisfied with the training and place how to become a sql dba developer them in the top companies. Our SQL Server DBA Course Curriculum encompasses all the course modules with a clear description and the concepts covered in each module. CourseJet designs the syllabus in the learner’s perspective to provide comprehensive knowledge.

Implementing Security

The product managers were very happy with the job-ready recruits. This includes the creation of TestDB database, audit alteration, audit event triggering and more. You will learn about database level and server level auditing as well. Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Installation
What are the editions of Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Data Platform. Learn the hardware and software prerequisites for a successful SQL Server 2016 installation. Perform a successful initial installation of Microsoft SQL Server 2016.

sql server: developer and dba collaboration online courses

It is used in industries ranging from finance to music and can be a requested skill for roles that manage and interpret data. The projects and assignments were https://remotemode.net/ challenging and good. The support team was very helpful in the clarification of queries. You will get hands-on experience in SQL subqueries in real time.

Django Application Development with SQL and Databases

Intellipaat’s SQL Developer and SQL DBA combo training is a complete SQL master’s course that includes both the Developer and Administrator aspects of SQL. You will master the concepts of database functionalities, querying using SQL, deploying, maintaining, managing, and securing large databases, and also SQL Server automation through this combo course. The curriculum of this master’s in SQL course is in line with the requirements to clear Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) and Microsoft SQL Server certification exams. The SQL basics are relatively easy to learn when compared to other programming languages.

sql server: developer and dba collaboration online courses

SQL Server Backup and Recovery Part 1
Introduction to Backup and Recovery strategy for databases. How to detach and attach databases in offline mode. How to copy databases using the Copy Database Wizard (CDW).

Microsoft Courses: Study Material

Thanks to Intellipaat, I was able to make the transition from consultant to ETL developer. SQL Server Performance Tuning
Understanding database indexes. Checking index fragmentation and maintaining them. Understanding and maintaining SQL Server Database statistics. A) Live online training using ZOOM (VIDEO enabled)
b) 40-hour course in 5 weeks.

sql server: developer and dba collaboration online courses

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